Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trixie's Garden

I have been playing with Vintaj Brass today. What fun! I did my take on one of their published butterfly necklace designs. I like a little simpler design, fewer bead connectors, more chain, and a few dangles. I had a major stamping disaster with the butterfly, but I like how I hid my mistake.;) I planned to stamp "Dream" on one side and "Do" on the other, but I hit the "M" poorly. So I sanded off as much as I could, dinged it up with my trusty hammer, and stamped "Dream" over and over. A little green Sharpie to bring out the letters and it doesn't look bad. I named the necklace and two earring group "Trixie's Garden" for my sweet feral tabby, Trixie. In her honor, the proceeds of the sale of "Trixie's Garden" will go to a local spay-neuter group. Have you ever had a stamping disaster?


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